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3d Printing And Medical Industry
Feb 22, 2019

Currently, medical professionals have been able to make 3D printed parts and engage and grow with bones to create stronger joints than ever before. Some patients already use 3D printed parts, mainly as a substitute for knee and shoulder joints.

The dental industry has begun to manufacture a wide range of dentures and other specific designs related to the oral cavity that were not made in the past, such as the 3D printed corners.

Some companies have even made major breakthroughs in 3D printing organs. For example, 3D printing medical device company Materialise said they have created a 3D printed kidney. With 3D printing technology, the artificial organs are not as far away as we thought.

Large medical technology companies like Stryker have begun to introduce new designs to replace plaster and joint replacement and work with hospitals to expand the use of 3D printing. They even designed a tool for the doctor to stitch the wound faster than before.

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