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3D Bioprint Mask For Quick Treatment Of Facial Trauma
Feb 18, 2019

A study by the" 3D Print World "Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) confirms the efficacy of 3D printed mask BioMask for facial trauma. Facial burns and wounds present a serious challenge for medical trauma specialists. Everyone's facial muscles, tendons, and bones are different, so it's impossible to make a facial trauma solution for everyone.

Transplantation is often faced with problems such as rejection, infection and scarring. Transplantation is usually not the preferred treatment because it can bring unstable secondary wounds to critically ill patients. The 3D print mask BioMask perfectly fits the patient's face and its own skin cells, which will help treat and accelerate the skin regeneration process.

According to the WFIRM team, BioMask has a clinically significant effect on the effective and rapid recovery of facial skin from severe and unaffected injuries. The research team also said that in the future, melanocytes will be studied to avoid cosmetic complications, patchy skin loss and discoloration between bioengineered skin and natural skin pigmentation.

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