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T-type Cleaning Card

  • PVC Money Counter Cleaning Card

    It is made of high quality PVC materials that it is of high strength and wear resistance that it is resistant to corrosion,dust and oxygen, prolonging the lifespan of the cleaning card. Non-toxic, it is a kind of green products which is environmentally friendly that it...
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  • Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

    The cleaning card is professionally engineered to work together with the currency counter in order to provide a positive cleaning performance and extend the overall life of the check scanner, which is simple to use with easy operation.
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  • Card Reader Flocking Cleaning Card

    The flocking cleaning card is professionally designed to keep the card reader clean which can reduce the machine failures owing to effective dirt removal. It is able to work well with the card reader that it does no harm to the machine,which can greatly extend the lifespan.
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  • Diamond Flocking Cleaning Card

    It is convenient that it is easy to carry and use, easy to store with comfortable using experience, which has light weight and small size.Also, it is odorless which can make sure the safe and healthy working environment, which is flammable.
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  • Strip Flocking Cleaning Card

    The cleaning card is made of high quality materials, which is environmentally friendly that it is non-toxic, containing no harmful substances and doing no harm to the human body as well as the nature.
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  • PVC Cleaning Card

    It is made of the high quality PVC materials that it is non-toxic,containing no harmful substances and doing ho harm to nature and the human body, which is quite environmentally friendly.It is resistant to corrosion and dust, prolonging its service life.
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  • withstand Voltage T-type Cleaning Card

    The withstand voltage T-type cleaning card is mainly designed for cleaning dirt, oils, debris, lotions, magnetic oxides and other contaminants.
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  • Flocking Cleaning Card

    It is a kind of green products that it is made of environmentally friendly materials that it contains no harmful substances, which is non-toxic, safe and odorless. And it is resistant to rust,dust and oxygen with extended service life that it can be stored for a long time.
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  • Cleaning Flat Card

    The cleaning flat card is designed with the T shape after multiple tests, which is convenient and labor-saving with comfortable using experience. And it is flat which can enter the inside of the machine to fully clean the machine, prolonging the service life of the equipment.
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